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Pakistani fashion scene has an impact of international fashion circuit despite the fact that our clothes have the traditional flavor but sleek cut and design make our apparel trendier and provide feminine grace and elegance.

Women trousers and pants are in fashion for quite some time and still are here to stay in our fashion scene. These trousers and pants trends were widely accepted by modern women and then reach to masses in no time. These styles are not only chic and classy but make you feel more stylish.

Earlier we used to have plain bottoms but now as the fashion scene is evolving, different variations of these bottoms with conventional detailing are available in the market for different price ranges, from priciest to affordable amount. For fashion lovers, our design creators have shelved these trousers from cotton to silk with fine-looking embellishments and motifs, attachments of gorgeous laces or cutworks would give our attire a polished and smart appearance. These trousers, cigarette pants or capris could easily be sported with traditional or western garbs.

There is much variety available in the market so get a perfect cut and apt trouser won’t be an easy call according to your body-shape and style.