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Sony PS Move Motion Controller

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JAPANESE ELECTRONICS GIANT Sony announced the Playstation (PS) Move back in 2009 with much fanfare. The company didn't have any titles to show off - it still doesn't, really - but it was wowing the crowds at games expos with the lag-free and responsive motion controller.
Sony had previously made promises it couldn't keep at E3 with games demos that proved to be tweaked engines rather than games running on the fly. So the tech demos it ran for the PS Move looked very impressive but were taken with a healthy lump of salt. Then Sony started demoing titles for its upcoming PS Move and the same lag free responsive motion controller.
Those games demos weren't a trick of the light. Sony got the press interested with talk of magnetometer gyroscopes, accelerometers and pin-point accuracy. As usual, Sony got the edge with advanced technology after spending five years watching its market share drift to Wii punters.

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Sony PS Move Motion Controller

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