Sony 32" HD LED TV KLV-32R420

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Let the entertainment come alive

Enjoy a richer entertainment experience with HD Ready R42. Includes a set of image enhancement technologies designed to portray your imagination with detailed images and smooth action sequences, all with outstanding contrast.


Enhance every detail, emotion increases
Enhance every detail, emotion increases

Bring Full HD detail a step further with improved resolution: a technology to reduce noise and improve the image that provides a clear difference from the standard LED TV. The images are crisp, the textures are defined and contrast enhancement increases the depth perception of the screen.

More fluid and natural motion
More fluid and natural motion

When the drama is more intense and you're about to jump out of the seat, Motionflow XR 100Hz ensures that fast action sequences have a very fluid, natural and realistic. It even offers several display modes to suit different content, from movies to sports and live entertainment.

Contrast and sharp, realistic
Contrast and sharp, realistic

The rich and natural colors make the images look more attractive and credible. With the technology of direct LED backlit display, you'll enjoy pure colors with high contrast and deep blacks. Ensures viewing experience much more alive and also has a low energy consumption.

Double your mobile content on your TV
Double your mobile content on your TV

Expands the size of your images, videos, applications, games and more with the cable technology doubled. Just connect your smartphone to your TV via the USB port and see mobile content on your TV. Use your smartphone to scroll, zoom, move and select content on the big screen for all to see.



See the difference with technology Upscaling - Noise reduction and enhancement technology perfect image clarity and contrast, increasing the sense of depth of the screen

The images come alive with direct LED backlight - white LEDs arranged behind the screen to direct light where it is needed, which ensures brighter whites and deeper blacks

Enjoy content from your smartphone on your TV with cable duplicate technology - Connect the smartphone to a TV via a USB port, you can watch videos, photos, games and much more on the big screen

Smooth action with Motionflow XR 100 Hz - The fast action sports and have a much more smooth and crisp, with several display modes to suit different programs



Environmental Info

Our TVs include the latest technology for maximum performance and have a great impact on the environment

This TV set may contain lead only in certain components and parts for which no technology alternatives exist in accordance with existing exemption clauses of the RoHS directive.

  • Dynamic Edge LED technology frame attenuation controls the light output of the individual LED groups according to the displayed image. Only used the right amount of light, which saves up to 20% energy.
  • This model has an energy rating 'A' in the EU. Products with a rating of 'A +' are the most effective energy level while those with the 'G' are the least effective.
  • HD Ready (720p) LED-Fernseher mit Tool zur Optimierung der Auflösung, Motionflow XR 100 Hz und direkter LED Hintergrundbeleuchtung
  • Natürlichere Bilder mit weniger Bildrauschen
  • Genießen Sie flüssigere Bewegungen mit Motionflow XR 100 Hz
  • Erleben Sie erhöhten Kontrast und lebendige Farben

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