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Piya Rang Kala - (HB) (New English)

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The contents of this book which are coloured with frenzy seem not only to be obscure and difficult by their expression and diction, their topics and discussion and their style but apparently they also seem to be disharmonious, undisciplined and wondrous and perhaps this is their prominent demerit as well as their hidden merit. With all this the book cannot be called a novel or a travel story, a short story or essay or tale telling. But it can be taken as the diary of a mad man who has been wandering from place to place, has been begging at different doors and the detailed account of a dervish who has been suffering the strokes of different hands and undergoing different ordeals. These are such mysterious and strange events which have been coming upon me inwardly and outwardly. The child like talks and mischief, the delights of the youths and their surging pleasures and the grumbling of the old self-absorbed persons, the happenings of the Fakirs and Dervishes, their wonders and their minuteness, and the wanderings in special vastness, countries, cities, streets, oceans, mountains and deserts. Look at my cleverness, how an unsuccessful effort I have made to hide my illiteracy and ignorance by every means, in the use of events, symbols, letters and words. Yet it is true that it is very difficult to hide the ivory for the elephant, the horns for the stag and the ignorance of a shallow person and the smell of the asfaetida. Or, as an unsuccessful singer or inefficient musician at last begins to sing with the Qawals (the group of persons who sing religious songs) in the same manner men of short resources and non literary display their disrespect to literature in the last phase of their lives. Such a thing has been done by me in writing this book. Another thing which I would like to say in the context of the book an accident happened and a large number of readers were connected to me for their devotion and good will. Thanks God that I had an opportunity to serve the creatures of God mentally, intellectually, psychologically and spiritually. In the present edition good changes have been made in the book with reference to its size, front and back title, printing and volume, composing, art work and presentation which are attractive and of a new pattern.

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Piya Rang Kala - (HB) (New English)

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