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Mockingjay: The Hunger Games Book # 3 - (PB)

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Author: Suzanne Collins
Category: Childrens Books
Imprint: Scholastic India
Publisher: Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd
Age: Young Adult
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The last two books were clearly fiction. The deuteragonists come leaping out of a certain-death situation but there was a measure of reality added to those. with this book, although i'm sure the author wanted to make realism the major theme, there are a lot of WTF moments because of that fiction-reality conflict. there's even a Sylvester Stallone moment where people run around armed with nothing but a bow and arrow trained on a hovercraft and take it down with just that! But Mockingjay takes flight with reality playing a major role all the same. The tension of the revolution builds up slowly and palpably. Many readers yowl about some characters who are killed off and make virtual effigies for them all over the net. To me the fact that these people were sacrificed for the war, that their loss was felt deeply and that the pain and mental agony experienced were expressed and laid bare for the readers to feel was the impressive bit. This book isn't as fast-paced as the first one and not as soothingly unrealistic as the second, but it is harsh in its expectations of war. It makes you think about the cost of freedom, the price of war, the transiency of celebrity, how it's in human nature to exploit, use and throw something It's the best in the series and you should buy and read it it's the most thought-evoking, blunt, practical and realistic portrayal of the world although younger readers may not understand this yet. Heck, if you're here you're pretty well hooked anyway.

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