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Follow the simple steps:


1-      Select your favorite items, choose your size and color (if applicable) and Press BUY NOW button to add it to your basket.

2-      Now you are at your shopping basket, please Check your selected items, total amount, quantity and if everything is fine, Press GO TO NEXT STEP button.

3-      Enter your valid details and tell us where you would like us to deliver your selected Items.

4-      Re-check the information you have provided and hit PLACE ORDER button.

5-      Once you place your order we will call you just to make sure we got everything right.


And you are done! We will deliver your selected items, at your doorstep! All orders above Rs 1,500 qualify for FREE DELIVERY. Orders below this amount will be required to pay a flat rate of Rs 150 as a shipping cost.


How to Place an Order on Phone


If you are not comfortable ordering online, we encourage you to place it via a single phone call.


1-      Call our Customer Support team and tell them about the products you are willing to purchase.

2-      You shall be asked to provide valid details like your Contact number and product delivery address.

3-      Our Customer Support team will inform you about the total amount you’ll have to pay and the expected delivery time to deliver the product.

There you go! Your order has been placed. Enjoy!


How to Buy Using a Credit Card


1-      Once you login to your account, select your desired item, carefully choose the size and color (if applicable) and press BUY NOW.

2-      If you wish to buy some more products, click CONTINUE SHOPPING otherwise click GO TO CART.

3-      Now you are at your shopping cart. You can see all your purchased items and their costs. Now click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.


5-      Now click PLACE ORDER NOW. Here you are required to select your CARD BRAND as (VISA/MASTER CARD).

6-      Enter your CARD NUMBER and VERIFICATION CODE in the respective fields and click PAY.

7-      You have successfully placed your order and for the order confirmation, you will receive a call from our customer support center.

If you find any problem in placing your order, feel free to contact us on following numbers.


Call our Customer Support Numbers


Phone: +92-21-38679669

Mobile: +92-335-222-6886


How to Update the Quantity in My Shopping Basket (Cart)


1. Select + or – button under quantity column to increase or decrease the quantity and press UPDATE CART button.


How to Add More Products to Shopping Basket (Cart)


1-      Once you have added a product into your basket, you can navigate through to the website to select another item.

2-      You can Press ADD MORE PRODUCTS button to go back to home page.

3-      All your selected products would remain in your shopping Basket until you place an order or unless you remove them from the cart.