Nokia Mobile Phone in Pakistan

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Nokia Smartphones in Pakistan 2015

Nokia was one of the pioneers in cellular industry in Pakistan. Nokia was initially left behind when smartphone came into market with a boom. Nokia was nowhere and even after with collaboration with Microsoft, Nokia was unable to catch the race in which Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony were leading and still in the front line.

Nokia is now owned by Microsoft and nobody was expecting success for Nokia even after this acquisition. But it turned up lucky for Nokia which is now a brand of Microsoft. Lumia is the refreshed collection of Nokia and had significant success in the smartphone market. Thanks to latest windows 8 as well which turned up as a game changer for Lumia Collection as well. Also Microsoft has already scrubbing Nokia name from all collection and apps as well.

Apart from smartphones, Nokia still targets low range mobile phones includes simple as well and QWERTY sets which are still famous and successful in Pakistan and India regions specially and success of Nokia Asha collection is proof of that.

We still believe very good results from Nokia Brand or whatever comes up from Microsoft following this pioneer named series. Collaboration with Android is very much doable and can benefit the brand as well. All eyes to Microsoft how they want to drive this brand.