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Casio Prizm Graphing Calculator FX-CG20

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Casio Prizm Graphing Calculator FX-CG20
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Casio Prizm Graphing Calculator FX-CG20 Description


Casio Prizm Graphing Calculator FX-CG20


Once you have come to televisions and mobile phones, now comes to the color screen of graphing calculators. After years and years to do COS TAN and black and green, the students of mathematics and related disciplines can now make their calculations in color FX-CG20.

According to Casio, this is the first model of the kind and set aside the screen "mono"


The FX-CG20 incorporates the possibility of drawing functions, such as parables about images - such as on a jet from a water source - or angles and areas from pictures of objects and buildings. "The color LCD screen, high-resolution display offers a perfect, as if it were a textbook," stresses the Casio.

The LCD screen has high resolution with 82,940 points and is capable of displaying 65,536 colors, a similar number of mobile color input range. The FX-CG20 takes advantage has a resolution of up to 18 characters × 24 points (including black characters) to equations and text. And if you think the color display could affect the autonomy, the Casio LCD screen ensures that this calculator has a 'low', allowed to work continuously for "140 hours with 4 AAA alkaline batteries."

One of the interesting features of this equipment is to allow the inclusion of graphics on real images. The FX-55 CG20 brings photos to customize the display, and perform calculations of regressions for a better understanding of mathematical concepts and physical.

Color can also be added to multiple graphs, such as point clouds, pie charts, bar graphs, coordinate axes and values that may be displayed when using the option "by graphing". Color Link function lists the colors used in
graphs with the values in cells of the spreadsheet, to help better understand the data presented.

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