Delivering Woow Through Customer Care Services

Have you ever walked into a shop to purchase something and not a single member of the sales team helped you or even if they did, it feels as if there is no commitment in helping you to make a good choice? Based on that premise, Woow Brands was born. We believe in the theory which says, "Customers Always Come First".

Woow Brands, as the name says itself, encompasses our core values and strategy.  We have only one aim, to provide first-class shopping experience and Woow our customers with outstanding customer care services. We differentiate ourselves from the rest by doing something unconventional and innovative. We are not an average company; our aim isn’t to provide an average service to our customers, and that is what exactly all our customer expect from us. So our enthusiastic team strives to give something above and beyond what’s expected and that is “Woow shopping experience”.

We have a simple philosophy; deliver Woow services to our customers, partners and vendors and gain their love and trust. To stay ahead of the competitors, we believe that a happy company should be ever evolving, that’s why we keep improving our services for our customers. Anyone can copy our images, designs and overall look of our website, but they can’t copy our people, our services and ideas.

Fundamentally we believe that honesty is the key to a healthy relationship and that is what differentiates us from other online shopping stores. We try to maintain strong relationships with everyone who is associated with Woow Brands. Positive relationships allow us to accomplish much more than what we strive for. We connect with our customers, vendors and business partners emotionally. It’s important for us to keep integrity in our relationships, so we try to be compassionate, friendly and loyal.


Our Journey

In 2013, Woow brands started their journey with the aim to provide its customers the premium quality products across the globe. Started with a small team of 5 members, our focus was to deliver a comfortable and hassle free service to our valued customers worldwide. Now with a large team of customer care and sales representatives, we are satisfying the needs of more than 250k customers nationwide.

Woow brands launched their online shopping store with the best quality products and world's top-class and famous brands. Now we are proud that we have not only introduced several local brands, but international brands as well.



Why We are Different?

You know why our customers love us? Because we never disappoint them with our products and customer care services. Their reviews and comments on our website and on social media tell everyone that how much they enjoy shopping with us. We appreciate their views and reply to their every question and query positively.


Best Return Policy

We bet! None of the other online shopping store has a return policy of 30 days. Surprised! Well yes, just to provide you the best shopping experience, we have developed a policy according to which you can return any product (except hair care and inner-wear) within 30 days. If you have any issue regarding our products and services, do contact us because each customers query is treated as an individual unique case. We know that sometime situations happen and we believe that no body is perfect. But we try to do our best.



It is not that we do not receive negative response from our customers, but we try to satisfy their needs and solve their problem as soon as possible. Our whole team motto is "Customers First."  People might think that it’s just a catchy phrase, but we truly are customer obsessed. We do aim to fix every wrong and leave a customer satisfied.


When we say Woow! We mean it. If you ever found any problem regarding our products or services, never resist writing to us at: [email protected]

Do share your shopping story in the comment section and let us know about your shopping experience with Woow Brands. :)

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