The Growing Trends of Online Shopping in Pakistan

E-Commerce is quite old phenomenon now and even on a limited scale it is getting into the market and people are not reluctant shopping online in Pakistan anymore.In fact this trend is evolving remarkably swift in the last few years in Pakistan. Online stores are growing expeditiously in recent years.  Nobody would have imagine 10 years back that online shopping would going to hold substantial share in retail marketing. Now every leading brand in Pakistan has their virtual presence to cater that niche who would like to benefit themselves through online shopping. Companies are trying to offer wide range of products and brands to capture the most of this opportunity and being shopping cosmos for the customers coming to them. This includes but not limited to fashion and foot wear, casual and formal wear, electronics, books, gifts toys, men and women clothing and sky is the limit.


There is a huge market of opportunities these days and everyone has embarked to get a foothold in this arena. Some of the examples are,,, and the list goes on. The youth is also playing a pivotal role in capturing the e-commerce opportunity and lays the ground for online shopping world. With 31 million internet users, the investors are hiring real tech savvy personnel’s to strive to capture the market.

Internet blogs and websites are being used not only to give reviews and evaluation of the product but also share the experience of buying the product and offered customer services. Moreover they are used as means to publicize online shopping sites.

One of the most growing trends in online shopping is clothing these days and to be precise it is women clothing. If we go 5 year back then it was not seems likely that women clothing can be bought though online shopping. Especially when we consider traditional Pakistani women shopping in stores, they use to enquire a lot about the stuff, its make, quality, feel, satisfaction and in addition bargaining being a huge factor of satisfaction in shopping.

Online Shopping

We must give credit to the think tanks behind the evolution of the women clothing in online shopping in Pakistan. Thanks to the availability and awareness of brands, price comparisons and level of details for a product, it is getting easy and accessible for women to shop online and making sure that what they will get is what they are expecting,having quality and price satisfaction intact.

They were truly complimented by the technology as well. The growth and awareness of Information Technology in terms of resources and the management realizing that there no way a business can be successful without taking technology onboard. Internet Websites, Shopping Carts, Blogs, Forums, Surveys, Discussion Forums, Mobile Applications, Social Networking, Browsing Trends and Analytics are just some of the buzz words to explain the success of the online shopping in Pakistan.

As online shopping in Pakistan gaining its momentum, the challenges are getting more visible. Few of them are mentioned by Ahmed Jahangir, Managing Director of which is one of the leading online shopping sites in Pakistan,

“Mentionable challenges include availability of fast-speed internet to a limited segment of population, power shortages, lack of public trust on portals conducting e-commerce and awareness about the online marketplace, payment solutions, and delivery logistics infrastructure. Since most people do not have access to credit or debit cards or reluctant to use plastic money for shopping only owing to security concerns, majority of e-commerce companies have adopted the ‘Cash on Delivery’ model.”
Published in Dawn, Economic & Business, July 21st, 2014

Keeping all the challenges and benefits in view, it is quite evident that the Online Shopping is growing in Pakistan and the Women Clothing is the Trend at the moment. Other areas will also evolve in future looking at the success of the growing trends.

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