Top 5 Lingerie Brands in Pakistan to Opt for

When opting for lingerie women usually heed to her comfort, standards of quality, easy styling & size. As it's known that like other countries, Pakistani women has different taste and style while selecting the best of her lingerie, comfort has always been a priority. Thus, selecting lingerie on the basis of quality and comfort is a difficult task at hand. A lot of women find it difficult to select a perfect bra size, but with online shopping, it has become much easier for women to shop for it and in reasonable price.

 The top five lingerie brands competing in Pakistan are:



Puma Online Undergarments

What makes this line unique is that the  PUMA Lingerie can be easily worn underneath any kind of clothes, especially when women are heading to the gym or to work. Women now no need  to worry about changing their bare essentials, giving them the freedom to move around their routine schedule with much comfort and ease. The range has a  variety of colors and is made of a comfortable material that is available in Brazilian, Hipster and String styles that complements the brand signature.



Online Flourish Undergarments Pakistan

The elegance and beauty of vintage glamor have never dated, yet always inspired women to look and feel our best. The Flourish range from Freya Lingerie has integrated the opulent detailing to the designs of  bold and vibrant lingerie range affectionately manufactured to fit, flatter and fascinate. The Freya Flourish Plunge Balcony Bra use a plunge neckline and padded cups to boost cleavage and offer the illusion of a fuller bust. The Jade hues and Blossom pinks combine in an alluring floral print, accentuated with adjustable straps, the Flourish range by Freya  brings out the  vintage charm and luxury to your working day. For more details hover out the full Freya Lingerie collection that includes Bras, Bodies, Briefs, Shorts and Thongs.



IFG Undergarments Online in Pakistan

International Foundation & Garments (IFG) is the leading manufacturer of women's undergarments in Pakistan. The IFG brand of undergarments is produced in Pakistan adapting to International standards of quality, comfort, styling, and sizing. The IFG ranges comprising of brassieres, briefs, chemises  that is available all over Pakistan.


Be Belle:

Online bebelle Undergarments in Pakistan

Belle means Beautiful and that is exactly what this brand has to offer, at excellent prices. The quest of finding the perfect bra is an ongoing task for most women, whatever is the purpose. For comfort or for any occasion the right fit is crucial, however traipsing around the shops frantically searching through sizes is always embarrassing. But Be Belle has solved the problem by harboring the perfect shape, for you, embezzled in beautiful colors to enhance your beauty and charisma.



Triumph Undergarments in Pakistan

#StandUpForFit with Triumph by your side, tailoring female confidence, Triumph is recognized as the world-leading maker of lingerie and shapewear. Known for its dedication to the craft, its passion for detail and innovation, and for its commitment of perfect fit. The customers always love the way Triumph makes them look and feel - sensual, sassy, stylish and confident.

Thus, our store garners it all at reasonable prices!! So, Click it  on and choose your style.

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