What Are Top 5 Quality Makeup Brands?

Why do most people use cosmetics? The answer to this obvious question is that everyone wants to look beautiful and thus to appear beautiful they need to consider cosmetics. Cosmetics and beauty products arouse the feeling of satisfaction by assuring the good looks. Cosmetics are used to enhance your physical appearance by boost up the glow and attractiveness.

Today cosmetics have refined so much that it could make you look younger and elegant by increasing the contrast between the natural skin tone and facial features. With the vast variety, cosmetics is not just a blush on or lipstick, but it has now defined a lot of quality products such as body glows to the deodorants in its non- exhausted list.

Lipstickseye maekup

The top Quality makeup Brands are analyzed to be as follows, that has produced quality products and is on the verge of its creativity since some time.


Maybelline is an American brand, used across 129 countries now, covering the wide range of products from lip glosses, eyeliners, eye shadows, nail colors, mascaras, to the best makeup foundation and a much more edition to this ongoing list. The brand drives you to enhance your beauty y giving you the look of elegance.


Revlon is the oldest cosmetic brand known to us, It does not only produce quality cosmetics and skin care products, but it has come up with some fine hair care products as well. Not ending on this Revlon introduced some of the best fragrances and personal care products also. Luring its customers and becoming the most trusted brands of all Revlon is a complete essence of creativity and femininity.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay is the most feminine and hot brand with an edge. It  relishes the personality and aura of the person by giving them the most appealing looks of all. Urban Decay is famous for its widest and the most wildest range of the shades creating frenzy among the fashion world. The best selling of all; Naked Palette, to eyeliners, lip liners, mascaras, setting sprays and many other exciting items have lured ladies across the globe.


Make-up Art Cosmetics or to be precise M.A.C is the most trustworthy brand. Its products range from more than 100 shades for eyes, lips, and nails. It has everything to offer for a makeup addict. This brand produces finest quality makeup that is affordable and suitable for professional make-up artists. This particular brand is known to produce for every skin type and color, from dark to shady and to fair, MAC has it all.


L’Oreal is the famous cosmetic brand that surely needs no introduction to anyone. L’O real Paris is currently the world’s largest cosmetics brand dealing with the complete range of hair color, skin care, make-up, perfumes and hair care. It is the highest selling products with affordable price tags.

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