The Art of Wearing Perfect Red Lipstick

What you do to look attractive and smart instantly? Wear your new outfit or wear heavy makeup? The answer would be a brand new outfit. Your dressing style play an important role to upgrade your look, but makeup is equally important.

Wearing a bold shade of lipstick or a piece of nice jewelry can be a perfect addition to your style. But when it comes to wearing a red lipstick, nothing can beat its beauty. Wearing red lipstick is an art that not all the women are aware of it. We see women wearing red lipstick on different occasions, but you can’t say that they look attractive and dazzling.

Here we are going to give you some exciting and important tips so you can perfectly wear red lipstick and look gorgeous.

Pick the Right Shade

Before you pick red shade randomly, make sure to pick the right one which compliments your skin. In the market, you will find many shades of red lipstick, but not all are best for you. Try on a few shades before you buy.

Tip: If your skin complexion is fair, then don’t think a lot and go with the true reds, and if your skin tone is a little darker, then go with the shades of pinkish reds.

Make Yourself Sparkle

Red lipstick lifts up your overall look of the face. But to really make it look stunning, you need to have pearly white teeth. Bright red lipstick only looks good when you have shinny and sparkling teeth.

Tip: Use good toothpaste and for a quick homemade solution, mix baking soda and lemon juice and wipe your teeth with it.

Be Glamorous

For all the skinny girls, if you are picking up the red lipstick for today’s evening, then a bit of shimmery makeup with soft curls can give you a fantastic glamorous look.

Tip: Never be afraid to mix up the things. If you are attending an event where you need to look distinctive in style, then mix up your lipstick shade with other shades to completely revamp your glamorous style.

Use the Lip Liner

Lip liner gives your red lipstick a flawless look. If you are wearing a lipstick of some other shade than you might not need to use lip liner as you need to use with red lipstick, because lip liner locks your red lipstick and protects it from smudging.

To spark up your personality with the red lipstick, you need to tone down the rest of the things. For example: your dress. It must be lighter in color or you can give a wow wow look by wearing a black dress in which you would look bold and dynamic.

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