Summer Fashion 2015: Long Short or Super Short 

Summer is at its peak so as the summer fashion for girls and ladies. We have variety of trends throughout having both Long and Short Kurtas in market. The women select according to their wearing style and needs. Some prefer long kurtas due to their short height and some prefer short to look bold and stylish. We already have a latest collection of designer wear as well in the market offering their collection comprises of both the trends targeting all kind of markets.

Stunning-Kurta-Collection Woow

 If we talk about the summer fashion these days then Long Kurtas is definitely the current fashion and we have much more variety in this rather then short or super short kurtas. We have seen a lot of creativity blooming around the long kurtas like short front with long back, A-Line long shirts, embroidery long shirts on front and back, and so on. Now it is up to women who chose to wear long kurtas with jeans, tights or loose payjamas. Tights and Pants with long shirts are latest fashion following by teenage girls.

The short shirts or kurtas are also latest fashion as well. Short kurtas goes excellent with Jeans specially for a fashionable look as well. We have seen some trends around the elegant frocks as well which makes very good traditional wear as well.

Almost all brand in Pakistan this summer have focused on Long Shirts and Dresses rather Short dresses. The major reason being the innovation happened to the long dresses which gave even teenage girls a fashionable look which they use to search in short dresses. Embroidery and Laces made them even more exclusive that it became current fashion trend.

Having said that, there is no point that we are writing off short dresses and styles. We have quite a fan following of short dresses as well and designers collection even haven’t missed that out as well apart from some traditional ones. We are living in a fashion world and all kind of dresses are liked by women according to their fashion needs.

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