Mobile Cases – A Protection or A Fashion

Mobile Phones have become an essential part of our lives, everyone has a need of it. Thus, expanded the mobile markets and taking it to new heights. With the increase business of Mobile Phones, the need of its accessories has increased as well, not to forget we always shop for the mobile case first, after buying a new phone. According to the survey, 29 percent of the people are said to have anointed their cell phones by a spilt drink37 percent scratched the screen29 percent sent them tumbling down the stairs, and 20 percent sent it for a swim in the toilet! Thus, creating a strong urge to protect their phones, and when it comes to protection, phone Covers are at the top of the list.

mobile accessories in Pakistan

Up till now the sole purpose of buying the phone cover has been protection, but today, mobile cases have become more of a fashion rather than a protecting slit. With a plethora of options to go with, mobile phone accessories market has increased rapidly. From funky designs to the girlish and to the cartoonish, mobile cases have been produced in different style, according to the different trends. It doesn’t stop at this at all, but now we have an option of customized skin as well, that is made as per our choice of pictures. Almost every skin can be slipped onto a phone, like a laptop sleeve, without interfering with the cell phone’s functions. The type of material used to make cell phone skins is of silicon that is slightly elastic and fits perfectly around the outside of the phone, much like a layer of the skin. This new trend of cell phone skin does not protect cell phones against the harsh damages like; breakage from dropping, for such situations a hard core plastic case or a cell phone faceplate would be a savior. Cell phone faceplate is made up of a hard plastic cover, which prevents cracks, scratches and even water damages to some level.

Today, people are often judged by the choice of their phone cases, in short, if your phone case is fun then so, on some level, are you. Woow Brands has a variety of Phone cases to choose from. Our store garners all types of cases made from plastic, silicon or wood. You can choose from the wide variety in our store and can order online. Woow Brands is at your service 24/7.

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