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Maybelline Top Five Beauty Products in Pakistan

Maybelline New York  is a popular and well acclaimed brand in Pakistan. Nowadays, online makeup shopping in Pakistan are getting familiar in women, they are aware of the latest fashion and make-up trends and only wants high quality and top notch beauty products. There are a lot cosmetics brands that are  offerings and using the products which are easily available due to its affordability, availability and quality. No matter what is the age, the brand is popular among women and girls equally. They always come up with unique offers and products which target the needs of the women adequately. We will discuss top five Maybelline beauty products.

Maybelline in Pakistan

Maybelline Baby Lips – Lip Balm

Maybelline has come up with a brilliant product keeping the weather in this part of the world. The Baby Lips Lip Balm gives up to 8 hours of wetness and freshness to the lips providing amazing confidence overall as far as your face is concerned. Dry lips being a common issue and getting caught by it can impact your overall personality and confidence due to the prominence factor. The use of a couple of weeks gives magical results to the lips.


Maybelline Clear Glow – BB Cream

Maybelline launched this superb product which provides quality and economy at the same time. The product offers extremely good results without giving a greasy and shiny look even in the exposure to sun as well. It provides hydration, glow, freshness and smoothness at the same time. The cream suit all kind of skin so one having sensitive skin do not have to worry about any allergic affects using this as well.


Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express – Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Mascara gives a polished look and it makes your eyes look having fluttering affect. It’s thick and vivid look make the eyes look complete and prominent. The product also comes in waterproof and washable version to best suit the needs. The product doesn’t let down the expectation specially if you want think and easy to use Mascara product.


Maybelline Color Show – Nail Color

Maybelline offers very rich and exclusive collection of Nail Color and to be precise, the collection offers 30 nail polishes, available in 4 different finishes. This made the collection really amazing and having the collection of this you won’t need to worry about giving a unique look everyday with different effect as well. The remarkable liveliness of the color is also something worth mentioning that even when the color is applied it keeps its originality intact.


Color Sensational Vivids – Lip Sticks

ColorSensational Vivids offers a fresh and gorgeous color collection for your lips. It offers extra soft effect as well to make it lighter and easy to go. Now it is easier than ever to work on outer lips as well with the heavy feel of the collection. The collection comes in 8 extra vibrant colors including shades of Pink, Orange and Red. The heavy and smooth feel of the product gives an easy application and rich feel. You have to apply just once to have a wonderful outcome.

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