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Cool Makeup Tips for Hot Summer

Summer seasons comes with a lot of heat and people starts planning picnics and hitting cool spots like beaches and farm houses. So overall it is good news for fun loving people but even fun loving ladies knows the challenges of the season as far as makeup is concerned. Melting makeup, irregular eyeliner and lipstick are bad news for women who focus on fashion and makeup.

Keeping the seasons requirements in view the focus should be on avoiding heavy makeup and switch to light tan and trendy summer makeup. We have compiled some tips for you which will help you when the weather is working against your makeup.

summer makeup

Moisturizing Face wash

Before starting any makeup, have a moisturizing face wash which will give you fresh and healthy skin and a perfect base to apply the makeup.

 Apply Power as Base

Don’t go for heavy liquid makeup foundations; rather go for softening power as makeup base.

 Get Bronze

It is recommended to apply Bronze or Pinkish Blush to your face when going in direct sunlight.

 Add Strategic Shine and Glow

Keep the makeup shine on the lower side or use glow for summer makeup.  You can do it by blotting papers or using powder after makeup.

 Use Lighter Lipstick

Avoid using heavy lipsticks rather we suggest to even avoid lipsticks and go for lip balms and soothers which will highlight the natural and refined look of the lips.

Eye Makeup

Use eye shadow if you are planning to wear shades while going out. Also use water resistant mascara with soft shades which will not give heavy look to the eyes and also highlights the eye brows.  There is no particular need to apply liner after that.

Vibrant Colors

Vibrant and lively colors add life to the face and give young and energetic look to the face. To avoid them looking too heavy one can start with the sheer version of the makeup. They will significantly improve overall outdoor as well as indoor looks and appearance.

As summer is a sweaty season so to avoid messing up the makeup and getting it destroyed due to the heat we need to keep a close eye on the occasion we are heading to and the environment we are going to find. Keeping the above mentioned tips will surely help in fighting off the major threats during the season. This will give you great, summery, fresh look that anybody can wear.

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