8 Fantastic Mascara Tips: How to Apply Mascara

Beauty Tools are gadgets for women and girls and they master it depending on the frequency of the usage of these gadgets. Still as we all know that there are some best practices attached in using any kind of tools which makes them long lasting and efficient during our experience. Even if we are not willing or prepared to follow the best practices but still when we start using them, we always feel difference in experience. 

Today we are emphasizing on how to Put-On Mascara in our beauty tips. In fact it can be said that “How to Put-On Mascara Efficiently” because all of us ladies can Put-On mascara, Good or Bad. First we will discuss the basic steps how to efficiently Put-On it and use our Mascara Tool and then we will add some expert tips to make our Mascara Tool and Experience Long Lasting.

8 Steps to Apply Mascara Like a Pro:

  1. Apply other eye makeup before applying Mascara.
  2. Wipe the access Mascara from the applicator by subbing it to the opening frame of the tube.
  3. Use Lash Comb or other makeup kit to curl your eye lashes.
  4. Bend the brush according to the required position to easily apply it.
  5. If you have heavy eye lashes then hold the applicator vertically, horizontally otherwise.
  6. Swipe from inner corner to the outer lashes.
  7. Remove Mascara spots if any using makeup remover.
  8. You are all done.

Mascara Online in Pakistan

Following the above simple steps one can make Mascara use easier. There are some expert tips too which can make it even better. We have compiled some in order to make the experience worthy enough.

  1. Don’t thrust the applicator in and out of the tube a lot. This will make the way for the air to get in the tube and ultimately dry out the Mascara or even cause thickly and dumping effect in it. Rather one should twist it while removing from the tube gently to get the desired amount.
  2. Don’t look up or down while applying the mascara on your lashes rather look straight.
  3. Soak your mascara tube in a cup of hot water to make the fluid more thin or runny.
  4. Hold some tissue under your eyes while applying mascara on lower lashes to avoid any marks.
  5. Add few drops of saline formula before using specially if you are not a frequent user of mascara.

We have tried to follow the simplistic approach to convey the procedure about making the mascara usage easier to you. You can find numerous ways about how to curl the lashes, and how to use a lot of more gadgets just to apply the mascara but we find the above approach handy and easier to consider for doing the job.

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