When it comes to electronics, most people search for a reasonable brand that provides not only the quality results but are reliable as well. Going with the market trends, people usually opt for brands like Hitachi and Dawlance, due to the variety they offer at the best price. Although a layman who has nothing to do with specifications of the product can merely tell a difference between the two brands, and a bad choice might cause him a lot.

Online Electronics in Pakistan

 Hitachi and Dawlance are the first choice of Pakistani people due to its publicity and its well-renowned name in the market for decades.


Hitachi, being a highly diversified Japanese multinational conglomerate company, operating in eleven business sectors; Information & Telecommunication Systems, Social Infrastructure, Financial Services, High Functional Materials & Components, Power Systems, Automotive Systems, Electronic Systems & Equipment, Railway & Urban Systems, Digital Media & Consumer Products, Construction Machinery and Other Components & Systems. It offers a very broad range of Electronic appliances and equipments.

From a mere Television to High tech Hydraulic Excavators used in constructions, the brand has branched out its tweaks and is constantly on the verge of expanding.

Some of the basic products offered by Hitachi are; Vacuum Cleaners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Electronic Shavers, ATM's, Elevators, Escalators and etc. Thus, Hitachi has embellished its brand name to the heights.


Dawlance  Premium Home Appliances Company, being a Pakistani brand has been in competition with lots of multinational for a long time. Providing essential Home appliances at reasonable costs.

Dawlance has been turning houses into homes with thought provoking innovations. The legacy of Dawlance that has lasted more than 3 decades has, started off with its production of Refrigerators. And, today Dawlance – with reliability and resiliency as its core moto is a provider of cutting edge Washing Machines, Vertical Freezers, Toasters, Electric Kettles, Chest Freezers, Split AC and Microwave Ovens to the ample range kitchenette appliances giving the shape to a perfect home.

But still, the company is emerging and is having lots of technological enhancements day by day. Dawlance offers a wide range of smart appliances that are managed remotely.

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