10 Must Have Fashion Accessories for Men

Summer can be said to be the season having more provision in terms of fashion accessories specially for men. They can wear shades, hats, bracelets, watches, belts and other summers wear accessories. Men’s wardrobe reflects a lot about their personalities and ethics as well. Having right items with desired looks and quality is something gentlemen manage quite adequately. Here we will discuss some items of gentlemen’s choice to be unique and more presentable from others.

mens fashion accessories 2015

1.       Watch

For most of the men this is the accessory they keep investing a lot. Also this accessory depicts the symbol and class of the men more than any other. Most men invest on a single excellent timepiece suiting needs of all types of wears but for few it is impossible to show their most important accessory in one type and design.

2.       Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also a main part of men accessory collection. It is not just a protection from sun rays but it is a symbol of fashion and class more than anything else. There is a lot of styles available for various occasions and needs but the most in are aviators. This style is most popular and most used men suiting whether formal and casual. Apart from that, sports shades are also common for casual use.

3.       Hat

This accessory is not very common but if you want to maintain a classic holiday look then this should be a must have. A cool hat with perfect summer shades would be best for summer when you can wear it casually and love to do so for a smart casual look.

4.       Bracelet

This accessory is more considered to be a casual one. Bracelets go great with your wrists but select something vintage or ethnic to express good taste.

5.       Belt

Just like other essential accessories belt is always a brighter component of summer suiting. Ribbon and Leather stuff makes it classic in summer specially in casual dressing. Sticking to old fashion black and brown can make someone stand out but other summer colors would also worth trying to make it different depending on the personality.

6.       Shoes

Shoes have a lot of provision in the summer to play with different styles. You can go with Boat Shoes, Joggers, or even some formal shoes as well. Casual shoes with straight jeans are a classic combination which always looks great. Depending on personality, one can go for short pants as well but it is not always goes fine so beware.

7.       Wallet

Men don’t use to replace this so often but believe or not there are men having taste and desire of wallet as well. They spend money for the best match according to their personality, work or even travel. Selecting good quality and matching wallet can surely enhance your personality and class.

8.       Tie

The accessory can enhance or even ruin a very good clothing combination. Be very selective in selecting and never compromise on quality on this. Classic blue ties are always cool to wear and looks great as well. Contrast also looks good with the cool summer shirts as well.

9.       Cuff-links

A must have for suits and formal dressing, Cuff-links offers a executive look when it comes to official and corporate world. Cuff-links are available in variety of materials but leather and laces are most in these days.

10.   Bags

Bags are very important accessory for men in recent times. Whether you are an executive or going anywhere casually, the need of man bags evolved drastically in recent years. Having good bags in collection for various purposes has positive impact on personality.

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