eCommerce and Its Perks

Dated back online shopping has always been a dilemma, with people with not much awareness, they assumed that a fraudulent person is luring them. But as time took its toll online shopping has become the most powerful tool for all of us, with no hassle of getting stuck in traffic and roaming around the shopping malls getting a sore foot.

Online Shopping

The internet has given birth to the perception of buying  anything virtually anything, right from our laptops or even our mobile devices. Online retail and e-commerce has grown rapidly over the past decade, taking companies such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd to new lengths.

Moreover, the large traffic of these websites, along with the diversity of products each seller offers, has created a perpetual fluctuation regarding the featured and most bought items. Since, some products are definitive and are likely to remain in the market for long, but some other products are just trend based that goes up and down on the best-selling rankings overnight.

Innovation has always been a key behind these market top rankings.

Thus, we have made a list with the 10 Top Favorites of All Time, featuring products that has largely influenced the market, and have left a long-lasting trail in its wake, embarking new trends with each product.

These days, online shopping has brought a whole new variety of possibilities, options and opportunities to buy the most diverse range of  products, from a vintage lawn mower, to a very sophisticated gadget. According to the stats from Forrester Research, the best-selling products online, based on sales in 2014, lies under the categories of Software, Music, Books and Flowers are on the top of the ranking, with annual sales of across $37.05 billion. And then, we have a long lasting list of Computer Hardware, Electronic appliances and Office Supplies, with across $22.8 billion annual sales. Yet, itemizing the precise best-selling items isn’t an easy task, as new trend forces out the previous top products. So, here is a ranking that features the 10 best selling products online! But let me remind you this ranking might change overnight as it is always a matter of time.

1) Books:

Online Books Shopping

"Books are your best friend"!! No matter how much material we could find online to deal with, books have always been a gesture of relaxation, enlightenment, and joy. According to the study

600 million books were sold online in 2014,  across the board, bringing it to the top of the list.

2) Computers and Computer Hardware:

computer gadgets

This category is unlikely to become not-so-popular, with emerging technologies, computer Industry has always been a profitable one. Across 1 million computer products were sold online in 2014.

3) Computer Softwares:

Computer Software

New softwares, new patches, Innovative programs, providing you with the best solutions of all time. Computer Software has been rated as number 3rd, when it comes to online shopping

4) Electronics:

electronics accessories

This category has a lot of variety of routine usable vacuum cleaners and washing machines to  Professional Cameras. The electronic sales have increased drastically with the passage of time.

5) Clothing:

Cotton Clothing

Everyone wants to leave a long lasting impression on their colleagues and to do so you have to give your best. Indeed, clothing enhances your personality. Thus, this category has fallen at number 5th with across $1 billion online sales revenue in 2014.


6) Video Games:

Video Games Online

What better way to have fun and to relax at the same time.  Every holiday season carries a large group of online shoppers for video games. The industry is rapidly increasing. According to the statistics, online sales of video games have generated $500 million in 2014.

7) Videos and DVD's:

Videos and DVDs

The most popular entertainment medium has been declared to be the video. The statistics say that people spent more than twice as much in buying and renting DVDs as they did on going to the movies.

8) Health, and Skin Care products/ Cosmetics:

Makeup and Cosmetics

The online market for Health and beauty products is increasing day by day. Luring people to spend millions on it.

9) Music:

Music Gadgets

Online shopping  now offers a wide variety of music products, from DVDs, to CDs, vintage vinyl’s, tapes, and MP3′s of entire albums.

10) Jewelry:

Online Jewelry Shopping

Online shopping is the only way to select a present for your loved ones. Finding a fine piece of jewelry is now not a difficult task at all with all the possible options present online.

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