Online shopping is a blessing in today’s world, with such busy schedule, people have the best option available to get their needs fulfilled. But in Pakistan, Online shopping has not gained such reputation, as it must have. People in Pakistan still have trust issues when it comes to online shopping, hence most of the time they choose for Cash on Delivery (COD) as a payment method, rather than paying from credit cards.

Cash on Delivery

Here we will discuss few notions, as that why most of the Pakistanis find COD (cash on delivery) as the best payment option.

Cash on delivery is when the customer pays cash after the parcel is being delivered at their doorstep or at the mentioned address. While, the payment through credit card is a method of paying before the delivery of the package. Cash on delivery  is considered to be beneficial for both buyer and seller. As COD, brings the trust factor between the buyer and the seller, because most of the customers show reluctance on paying the payment of the product without analyzing it.

The general concept of paying before delivery is not considered wise, mostly in countries like Pakistan. As most of the people here are hesitant towards technology, call it the fear of compromised quality or mistrust issues, people often don’t rely on paying for what they have not touched and seen yet. It can also be said that many people in Pakistan prefer COD as they still hold cash, rather than credit cards.

Moreover, among the online shopper, men, and especially women do not trust the portals much, let it be the lack of service or from the less publicity.  Thus, they are not willing to pay for these things from credit cards. Perhaps, sometimes the biggest reason for opting COD, is the lack of information regarding the product on online web portals. This happens when the website does not show enough detail of the product specifications, and thus, the customer never knows whether the item  matches his/ her expectations or not.

Although, it’s true that COD reduces the cost of returns for consumers; but so long as our customers are happy with the product and our services, then they won’t need to return anything.

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