10 Best Hair Care Tips

Healthy and beautiful hairs add class and persona to women’s overall appearance. Naturally healthy hairs are a blessing and we need to take very good care of them to keep them healthy and long lasting. Here are some natural tips for maintaining healthy and beautiful hairs.


Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

Before going into any details, we will discuss first thing first i.e. like every other part of the body hairs also need healthy diet and lifestyle. Healthy vitamins and proteins are what is required for keeping our hairs healthy. Vitamin A is vital for supporting hair growth which can be easily acquired from green vegetables.

Proper Shampoo & Conditioning

Shampoo and Conditioner are good for hairs and helps to keep them healthy. But on the other hand a little bit of carelessness can do more damage as leftover shampoo and conditioner in hair make your hair look lifeless.

No Hair Treatments

Hair treatments and Styling can be very harmful for hairs health. Chemicals and Heating involved in styling can damage your hairs as well as their life.

Deep Hair and Scalp Cleaning

We should keep our hairs and scalp clean. Dirty hairs and scalp can produce many problems to the hairs like dandruff etc. Oils are healthy but keep the application in balance and give due balance to keep them healthy.

No Rubbing and Extra Heat Drying

Rubbing hairs to dry can make the hairs tangle and even break at times. Avoid extra water from hairs with smooth and light strokes of towel to your hairs. Also, if hair drying is needed then keep the dryer to warm setting, as extra heat can affect hairs quite drastically.

Regular Usage of Oils

Oils can add life to your hairs and oil therapy is an excellent way to have lively hairs. Use of coconut oil and olive oil can be very beneficial for the hairs. The hairs become silky and shiny after regular use but the application and removal timing is also very important and longer application can affect hairs due to dust factor.

Warm Water

Always use cold water while having hair wash. Hot water can affect the hairs and scalp as well.

Gentle Handling

Be gentle to the hairs and avoid hard combing and styling. In case of any ignorance, the hairs can get damaged.

Wide Tooth Comb

Comb your hairs with a wide-tooth comb as it is the best option to untangle the hairs. Brushes and Combs can result in damaging and breaking the hairs.

Good Trim

Trim your hairs regularly as this will avoid harmful tips which can get developed over time.

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