Batman Arkhum city Xbox 360

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- Become the Dark Knight in a genuinely authentic Batman experience with advanced, compelling gameplay on every level, epic super-villain encounters and unexpected glimpses into Batman's tortured psychology
- Play as Catwoman with her own storyline in the main game which is seamlessly interwoven with Batman's story arc
- Experience advanced freeflow combat as Batman's melee abilities ratchet up to match that of AI enemies
- Put new gadgets, and new functionality for existing gadgets to work that expand the range of Batman's abilities
- Encounter numerous characters from the Batman universe, including Catwoman, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, Penguin, Hugo Strange, Victor Zsasz, Calendar Man, The Joker, The Riddler and others

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Batman Arkhum city Xbox 360

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Manufacturer WoowBrands
Price PKRs5,850.00

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