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Incredibly powerful. By design.

When we designed MacBook Pro with Retina display, we started with a blank slate. That gave us the freedom to imagine something radical, something entirely different. A notebook so thin, so light, and so powerful it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A notebook designed for the future, but ready to use today.

Less has never been more.

It may be incredibly thin and light, but MacBook Pro with Retina display is also incredibly powerful. To achieve all that in a single design required relentless focus and a willingness to make bold decisions. Every millimeter was designed, engineered, built, and assembled to the most exacting performance standards. Bulky legacy technologies like the spinning hard drive and optical disc drive were left behind in favor of newer, higher-performance technologies — PCIe-based flash storage, for example. Flash is not only much faster and more reliable than a traditional hard drive, it takes up 90 percent less space. Which is one of many reasons MacBook Pro isn’t just extremely capable, it’s extremely portable, too.

The Force Touch trackpad. A whole new level of responsiveness.

Unlike traditional trackpads, the new Force Touch trackpad makes it easy to click anywhere on the surface. Sensors accurately detect how much pressure you’re applying and respond accordingly, yet it feels the same as the trackpad you’re accustomed to. In addition, a new Taptic Engine provides haptic feedback — a tactile response from the trackpad to your fingertip — whenever you perform certain tasks, like trimming a clip in iMovie or aligning annotations in a PDF.

Force Touch adds a new dimension to the Mac experience beyond the intuitive Multi‑Touch gestures you’re familiar with. Its sensitivity is customizable, too, allowing you to adjust how much pressure is needed to register a click. And the Force Touch trackpad can even tell whether you’re clicking with your thumb or another finger, adjusting the sensitivity level automatically.

A display so advanced, the difference is clear. 
The Retina display is a breakthrough — any way you look at it. We pushed the limits of technology to create a pixel density so high, you can see everything you’re doing with perfect clarity and make edits with pinpoint accuracy. Not only is it an incredibly high-resolution display, it has an integrated design that achieves a level of fit and finish never before possible. The Retina display doesn’t sit behind a layer of glass, it is the glass. Which means you get all the benefits of a state-of-the-art display — vibrant colors, high contrast, and wide viewing angles — with very little glare. So there’s more to see, and even less to distract you from your work. 

The best design. For the best performance.
We designed every aspect of MacBook Pro with Retina display with performance in mind. From the beginning, the entire internal structure was built to house the very best high-performance components: state-of-the-art processors, graphics, storage, and memory. Despite packing such an enormous amount of power into such a slim design, we still achieved an astonishing 10 hours of battery life in the 13‑inch model and 8 hours in the 15‑inch.2 We also found a way to integrate the highest-quality speakers we’ve ever designed for a notebook. And we engineered a cooling system that draws in air from three sides of the notebook. Alone, each of these elements is an incredible accomplishment. Together, they make MacBook Pro the world’s most advanced high-performance notebook.

The forefront of technology built into both sides.
Designing MacBook Pro with Retina display meant completely rethinking which ports belong on a high-performance notebook. Both the 13‑inch and 15‑inch models feature the most advanced I/O technology available. They’re the first notebooks ever to include two Thunderbolt 2 ports, two USB 3 ports, and an HDMI port — giving you the flexibility to connect multiple external displays, an HDTV, and other high-performance devices. Without a traditional optical drive, there’s room for ports conveniently located on both sides of the notebook. Even the slim MagSafe 2 port complements its thin, sleek design. So you can take this notebook anywhere. And be ready for anything.

Faster than the sum of its parts.
Advanced Intel Core i5 and i7 processors help you power through the most complicated technical computing tasks. Integrated Iris 6100 and Iris Pro Graphics and advanced NVIDIA graphics give you tons of pixel-driving horsepower. State-of-the-art I/O like Thunderbolt 2 gives you high-performance expansion unprecedented in a notebook. And at the center of it all is an entirely flash storage-based architecture that makes everything you do incredibly fast and responsive.

MacBook Pro is the ultimate creative design studio. With 2560 by 1600 pixels on the 13‑inch model and 2880 by 1800 pixels on the 15‑inch model, the resolution of the Retina display is so high it rivals the printed page. Reduced glare, higher contrast, and a 178-degree viewing angle help make this Retina display the ideal place to see your work. High-performance graphics and processors let you render images and apply filters with incredible speed. And thanks to flash storage and superfast memory, you can access and edit large-format files much faster than on a typical notebook.

Take your gaming to a whole new level. Millions of pixels give you gameplay with more detail and nuance than you thought possible. Even in the most intense action games, superfast processors and graphics give you amazing fluidity and smoothness. MacBook Pro with Retina display is so thin and light, you can play wherever you go. And with all the games available on the Mac App Store, you’ll have no trouble finding something to play.




Macbook Pro



Operating System

Mac OS X

Screen Size




Screen Resolution

2560 x 1600

Processor Type

Intel Core i5 5th Gen

Processor Speed

2.7 GHz

Processor Turbo

Up to 3.1 GHz

Processor Cache

3 MB

Processor Model

info n/a


8 GB

RAM Type


Hard Disk Capacity


HDD Interface



Info n/a


Intel Integrated Graphics

Graphics Detail

Intel Iris Graphics 6100

Video Memory


Optical Drive

No Optical Drive

USB Ports




Backlit Keyboard








Numeric Pad


Fingerprint Reader


Battery Cells

Info n/a


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Manufacturer Apple
Price PKRs159,999.00

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