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Touch Beauty

Touch Beauty - Aluminium Pen Sized Electric Nose Hair Trimmer - AS-0656

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Product Code:  AS-0656

Aluminum Pen Sized Design


1. Arched cutter head, safe and comfort.    

2. Fine steel blades trim the hair quickly and clearly.    

3. 1 AA battery operated. (Battery not included)    

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How to install battery:

Slide the battery compartment cover down and insert 1 AA battery as guided. Replace the cover. (Battery not included)

How to use:    

1. Remove the protection cap.    

2. Push the switch up to turn on the unit.    

3. Put the cutter head into your nostril or ear channel, and gently move the device to trim the hair.    

4. Push the switch down to turn off the unit when finished.    

How to clean:    

1. Unfasten the cutter head after use and clean the cutter head with the small brush provided.    

2. Clean the main device with a cloth or tissue when necessary.    

3. This product is not water resistant. Don’t wash it with water.    



·Remove batteries if the device will not be used for an extended period of time.
·Keep out of reach of children.
·DO NOT disassemble.    

Beauty Tips:    

1. Don’t trim the hair too short as it is protective.    

2. Clean the nasal cavity or ear channel after each use in case the trimmed hair sticks.    

Eco-friendly Tips:
Batteries contain substances harmful to our environment. Please do not throw them
away with the normal household waste, but hand them in at an official collection point.

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Manufacturer Touch Beauty
Price PKRs1,299.00

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