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Touch Beauty

Touch Beauty - 9 In 1 Electric Beauty & Cleaning Kit - AS-0601B

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Product Code:  AS-0601B


1.Comes with 9 different attachments, professional pedicure, manicure, skin-care and body massage all in one.
2. Two speed settings.
3. Compact storage case.
4. 2 AA batteries powered. (Batteries not included.)

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How to install battery:

Remove the battery from the device, install 2 AA batteries as guided and refasten the cover into place. (Batteries not included)

How to use:    

1. Wet the skin area that you wish to care with warm water.    

2. Choose and wet your desired brush head.    

3. Attach the chosen brush head to the device.    

9 attachments includes following:

- Soft cleansing brush    

Deep cleans pores to remove oil, makeup and impurities.    

- Make-up sponge      

Remove oil and dirt from the pores, which is good for facial cleansing and facial massage    

- Loofah     

Cleanses and massages the eyes area and lips, eliminates fatigue, and helps to remove panda eyes.     

- Natural polishing stone    

Exfoliates and polishes away the dead skin cells on the elbow and joint areas.    

- Fine polishing disc    

Removes the dead skin cells on the body and promotes metabolism.    

- Coarse polishing disc    

Effectively removes calluses and dead skin cells on the hands and other parts of the body, which can also be used to trim the nails.    

- Course pedicure shaping disc    

Good for polishing away the calluses and other rough areas on the feet.    

- Medium pedicure shaping disc    

Good for pedicure after calluses are removed    

- Fine pedicure shaping disc    

Gently repairs the skin, and can also be used to polish up the nails.    

4. Turn the switch to LOW speed position to start the Normal and Gentle Use mode and turn up to HIGH speed position for Faster and Stronger mode.    

5. Turn the switch to OFF position to turn off the machine.    

How to clean:    

1. Clean the attachments after each use and air-dry them or dry with a cloth,    

2. Clean the main body with a wet/dry cloth or tissue.    

3. This device is not water resistant. Don’t wash it with water.    

4. Store in stand.    


1. Please stop using this device if skin irritation or redness occurs.    

2. Remove the batteries if you are not going to use it for more than 30 days.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. DO NOT disassemble.    

Beauty tips?    

1. Wet your skin with warm water before use.    

2. Don’t over press the head against the skin in case of discomfort. 

Eco-friendly Tips:
Batteries contain substances harmful to our environment. Please do not throw them
away with the normal household waste, but hand them in at an official collection point.

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Manufacturer Touch Beauty
Price PKRs3,200.00

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