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100 PAKISTANIS – The Famous & Influential

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- Author: M. A. J. Jalandhari
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PAKISTAN, a nation of 180 million stands united against all odds and challenges. “ 100 PAKISTANIS – The Famous & Influential “ book celebrates the spirit of Pakistan through the people of Pakistan and its leaders. Its leaders are the gatekeepers of this great nation and in these trying times offer a beacon of light for all there who believe in Pakistan. This is an effort by the editors to shed light on these 100 Most Famous & Influential Pakistanis, show the strength, the resilience and the ability of rebirth of this great nation. Pakistan shall rise from the shadows as a phoenix and shall be the leader in the community of nations in the 21st Century. But, in order to achieve this, the people of Pakistan must believe in Pakistan and what it stands for. This book is a small step towards our great future; a step towards building a positive image of Pakistan. Read exclusive One-to-One interviews conducted by our team, inspirational stories and biographies of the living legends including Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Jahangir Khan, Gen. Hamid Gul (R), Samina Baig, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Ali Moen Nawazish, Hameed Haroon, Shahid Khan, Amna Taseer, Asif Ali Zardari, Dr. Salman Shah, Malik Riaz, Ansar Burney & many others. Get to know about their lives, their success and hardships which they had to overcome; discover what made them what they are today! With one message which celebrates the lives of these 100 individuals that all is possible and achievable in this great country of Pakistan if we believe in us! As this book supports Pakistan, on each purchase of the book, part of the proceeds would be donated to a charity organization to support a noble cause.

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